CNYCOSH is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting workers' health and safety. Our membership includes unions, individual workers, healthcare providers, educators, attorneys, health and safety professionals and others.
CNYCOSH is committed to assisting all workers in the Central New York area in reducing' the risk of work-related injury and illness.
CNYCOSH works with a national coalition of COSH groups and the labor movement to develop strategies to use and expand workers rights to a safe and healthy workplace.
CNYCOSH Provides comprehensive as well as general awareness training to reduce injury/illness regarding various occupational safety and health issues at NO COST.

offers workshops on a variety of safety and health issues that concern the workers of Central New York.

CNYCOSH operates a Resource Center with a unique collection of materials.
CNYCOSH helped establish and works closely with the Central New York Occupational Health Clinical Center (CNYOHCC).

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Phone: 315-471-6187
Fax: 315-471-6193

Last Updated 1/26/2011

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